A human tooth is basically very hard yet very delicate when used in an improper way. That is you need to take good care of your oral hygiene,Root canal treatment helps to restore the decayed tooth perfectly for years Articles or else it might suffer from decay, pain or infection. If the tooth suffers from decay or pain, the only option was to remove it from the mouth and save the patient from pain and also to protect other teeth from getting infected. But the modern day technology and research for years have now introduced the root canal treatment, which helps in saving and restoring the infected tooth by simply treating it in a special way rather than removing it permanently from the mouth.

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT – Lechlade Dental Practice

This root canal is an area inside the root of the tooth that comprises of the pulp chamber. The tooth pulp is rich in nerves and blood vessels. It is this area which can get infected very easily by bacteria or germs if the infected tooth is left unmediated for long. In severe cases the decay and infection even deepens into the jaw bone and dissolves the bone forming abscess in the area which is very painful. Thus if and when you feel discomfort or pain in a tooth, do consult a dentist without hesitation.

If you have any of the below mentioned problems do visit your dentist and go for a thorough check up;

Gum swelling
Bad taste in the mouth
Experience pain when you bite into food item
Can’t tolerate extreme hot or cold food or juice. Extreme sensitivity
Severe pain

In rare cases there can be even painless 杜牙根 infection when the nerve or blood vessel of the pulp area dies due to sudden injury. Thus one must visit the dentist on a regular basis to avoid such problem from occurring. But if you face any of the above mentioned symptoms, your dentist may advise you for undergoing the root canal treatment. In this treatment, the dentist will use a drill to go deep inside the root following the tooth and then remove the decayed or infected nerve from the root canal. He then uses thin files to clean the infected nerves and other decayed parts permanently. Once the decayed contents are removed a customized rubber cone with liquid sealant is fitted and sealed inside the canal. This helps in stopping the infection from affecting other tooth in the mouth. Finally the open tooth is covered with a cap which protects the area from any damage or decay in future. The cap also gives a complete look to your teeth set up. Once complete you can now use it like any normal tooth in your mouth.

It is a treatment which helps in curing the infected tooth by killing the bacteria and sealing the decayed nerves from harming other teeth in the same line. This specialized treatment is not very costly and can be easily done if and when any one faces trouble with his or her teeth.

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