“Hey! I’m Wear John and welcome to the “Move Away” Game Show where we ask two families to address inquiries in light of 5 subjects they should choose. Today, we have our heroes throughout the previous two years – the Poindexter Family!”
The group hailed.
“What’s more, here, we have a beautiful fresh out of the box new family for the present game – the Reynold’s Loved ones!”
The crowd acclaimed.
“We should meet the Reynold’s family from Akron, Ohio. I see a father and mother and no kids. Sir, What is your name and your beautiful spouse.”
Mr. Reynolds said, “Hello Wear. I’m Henry Reynolds, yet you can call me ‘Bubba’. I fill in as a representative at an Exxon corner store, and love, love, love it. This is my exceptionally youthful spouse, Katy. She works at ‘Deja Vum’ a strip dancin’ place downtown.”
Katy waved to everyone enthusiastically. Then she blew them an erotic kiss.
Wear said, “Charm! What an astonishing family! No children?”
Bubba answered, “No สมัครสล็อต เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ รับโบนัส 100% ทันที youngins, Wear. They’d simply hinder her business, cause Katy needs her figure for her business. What with all them different men what not… You get it, don’t ya, Wear?”
“Uh… No doubt I suspect as much.”
“We’ve been hitched 5 years and… “.
His better half intruded. “Uh Hon, I want to talk I have this client… ”
“Alright! We should go here to the Pointdexter Family!” Wear hollers. Everyone cheered.
“For those who’ve never seen our show, the Pointdexters have won straight throughout the previous two years.” Adulation from the crowd.
“We should get to know them once more!” He went to the hairy man wearing glasses. “Sir, present yourself!”
“I’m George Peabody Pointdexter and this is my splendid spouse, Louisa-Jayne. We are from Boston, Massachusetts. We both went to Harvard College, and instruct there. I have a Ph.d in Astronomy and Science. Louisa has a Ph.d in Traditional Writing and Chinese. Nonetheless, I hate to say she eventually read up for that degree at the modest Yale College.” Louisa feigns exacerbation.
“We in all actuality do have some new news subsequent to being on the show. We have a little one on the way. His name will be William and he will go to the best schools and at last Harvard… ”
“Alright, George. We realize your story very well. Presently as every individual who has watched this show realizes we pose one inquiry to every family. On the off chance that they tie we pose two different inquiries until one excels and wins the award… What prize is that, Ben?”
Ben’s voice blast, “An excursion to verifiable Israel. Then, at that point, a short journey to the Greek Islands, and afterward to Iran, Iraq and Libya! The absolute cost is $10,000!!”
The Reynolds hollered and applauded simultaneously. Katy and Henry twisted around and got into a ten second French kiss. The Pointdexters made grody looks on their countenances and take a gander at one another.
Wear hollered, “Alright. Presently we have 5 themes today for our secret inquiries. One. American Writing, Two. Science Leap forwards, Three. Secret Subject! Are both of you groups ready??!!!”
The families gestured and the crowd acclaimed.

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